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CGR Design Gasketed Filter Press
Jul 24, 2017

SINO FILTRATION is a professional filter press manufacturer and we produce various filter presses: recessed type filter press, membrane type filter press, plate type filter press. The CGR filter press is of our good sellers. It’s a special filter press.

CGR Gasketed Filter Plate.jpg

This filter press type adopts the gasketed filter plate, who has grooves on the edge, and it has special filter cloth that has the seals, so we just need to put the seals into the groove. It has good seal-performance. For some special material, such as the pollutional material and the rich liquid, the CGR filter press is the best choice.

CGR Gasketed Filter Press.jpg

Features of the CGR filter press:
1.It do not leak during the filtering process, and has good seal-performance.
2.It can avoid environment pollution and protect operators from harmful materials.
3.Our CGR filter plate adopts advanced technology and high quality material. It has high structure strength, light weight, good corrosion resistance and it can bear high pressure and high temperature.
4.Various sealing material for your choice to meet individual needs.

If you have any question on CGR gasketed filter press or CGR gasketed filter plates, pls contact us.

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