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How to use chamber filter press to dewater concrete wastewater?
May 24, 2018

What is concrete waste water? While concrete making, it will be processed via many devices, such as, mixer, truck, pump etc... Then all those devices will be washed to avoid solidification. Thus a lot of wastewater will be produced. And for every ton concrete, it will cause about 0.2 to 0.5 ton wastewater. So the capacity is very huge. If discharged directly, it will damage the environment and will lost huge quantity of water. In fact, chamber filter press is a very perfect tool to recycle the water. 

For concrete wastewater, it's normally is alkali, so it's not allowed to discharge directly. Besides that, it will contains a small percentage of solid particles, for example, stones, sands, cements, clay etc... For it, before chamber filter press, it normally adopts physical method as pre-treatment. Generally speaking, it mainly include two parts: separate and settlement. For separate, it is o remove the big solids, such as, stones, sands etc.. After that, the wastewater will flow into clarifier for settlement. Then the slurry will pump into filter press to dewater. 

Before chamber filter press, the wastewater will be mixed with flocculant. Why? Because it contains fine clay, which is viscous. Adding flocculants can form big particles and improve the solid nature. It will be much easier for automatic chamber filter press. In fact, concrete wastewater is very easy to be disposed comparing with biological wastewater. If the customer has enough budget, MONO filter cloth will be much better for discharging. If you want to buy pp chamber filter press for concrete wastewater, pls contact us. 


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