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Hydraulic PP Filter Press for Carbide Sludge
Oct 09, 2017

The raw calcium carbide wastewater contents about 12% solids. For carbide slag, the solid is big and hard, so it’s easy to be treated by pp filter press. For the treatment, the chamber filter press is enough.

China PP Filter Press.jpg

Our hydraulic filter press has simple structure and good filtering performance. And it adopts center feeding, which is fast and even, so it decreases the working time and improves the filtering efficiency. On the other hand, this type filter press adopts open filtrate discharging to get best performance. And using this liquid discharging method, the filtrate can be directly seen, so that can control the filtering process according to the filtrate is clean or not. Additionally, for the cakes discharging, we adopt the automatic discharging device to save the man power.  

By the way, there are many flexible functions for our automatic filter press, such as: belt conveyor, drip trap, filter cloth washing etc. We can recommend them according to your requirements. SINO filter press has high quality, if you want to buy plate filter press, pls contact us.

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