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How a membrane filter press works?
Mar 17, 2018

The function of membrane filter press mainly is separation (for liquids and solids). While membrane filter press working, the inner chamber is full of liquid and the pressure is high. If having seepage on the membrane filter plates, the filter chamber interior pressure will be not good as required, so filtering efficiency will lower. Additionally the liquid will leak, in the long run, the inside of membrane plate might be occupied by solid deposited, thus it will lost the "secondary squeezing" function.

Automatic Membrane Filter Press.jpg

Although the membrane plate filter press works intermittently, it still have been widely used for sewage treatment, because of high efficiency and stable working. What's more, membrane filter press has better dewatering effect and can realize automatic control to reduce labor. So membrane filter press can satisfy the demand of modern sewage treatment demand and become an important choice.

Membrane filter presses mainly dewater liquid through filter clothes by secondary squeezing of the membrane filter plates. The filter plate pack of membrane filter press consist of chamber filter plate and membrane filter plate. But their functions are different. The chamber plates are to form filter chamber, where store the solids, the membrane plates are mainly for cake squeezing, so that to realize the lowest cake moisture. Please contact us to get membrane filter press price. 


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