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Membrane Filter Press Squeezing Types
Aug 21, 2017

The membrane squeezing is a unique function of the membrane filter press. Because the membrane filter plate is hollow and can be inflated. So on the base of the normal filtering processes, it can add the membrane squeezing to realize second filtering.

Membrane Filter Plate.jpg

And there are two squeezing types, one is compressed air squeezing, and another is high pressure water squeezing. The membrane filter press operation includes closing filter plates, feeding, filtering, membrane squeezing and discharging filter cakes. For a membrane type filter press, all operation processes are same, except cake squeezing. They need different devices and the squeezing effect will be a little different.

For the compressed air squeezing, it needs high pressure air compressor with 1.2 MPa. For the high pressure water squeezing, normally it will use multistage centrifuge pump with 1.5 MPa. More info on China filter press pls contact SINO FILTRATION.

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