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Plate filter press for Wine Industry
Jan 03, 2019

Last year Changyu Pioneer Wine was appraised as “National Industrial Heritage”, and recently the company also was selected by "China Industrial Heritage Protection List”. The press conference was held in Beijing a few days ago. The reason for the selection was: "China's first industrialized wine producer; Asia's first underground wine cellar."

There are 100 Chinese industrial items selected in the List. It not only includes the government-run enterprises established at Qing Dynasty and also has manufacturers since the “1st five-year plan”. Among them, there were 26 industrial heritages established in the 19th century. Changyu Pioneer Wine is one of them. As the Number 1 of the List, their core items include: underground cellar, boundary stone, Changyu treasury, plate filter press and distiller etc... After tens years of “Economic Reform and Open Up”, in China will have more and more famous companies.

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