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Plate frame filter press plano milling process
Oct 28, 2017

The plano milling is a process which make the subject surface smooth. For the plate frame filter press, it’s a essential device to ensure the filter press quality. Normally it’s used for the pp filter press plate and metal end plates (head plate and tail plate). Only after plano milling, the filter press can work stably. 

Filter Press Plate Factory.jpg

Plano milling machine adopts portal frame structure and has a horizontal long moving bed. After milling for filter presses, the subject surface will be completely flat. The the filter plate pack will has a better sealing, and the end pp plate can be perfectly fixed on the metal end plates. Thus it can highly improve the strength to ensure higher squeezing pressure and filtering pressure. In one word, plano milling makes the filter press quality much better.   

Our milling machine is CNC control. We not only have advanced producing machine, but also professional workers to produce the best filter press in China. If you want to buy pp filter press, pls contact us. 

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