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Plate frame wastewater filter press for electroplating industry
Sep 04, 2017

Plate frame filter press is a good tool for sludge dewatering. That’s why filter press machine is widely used in various ETP and industries. For electroplating industry, our machine also is a good seller.

The electroplating plant wastewater mainly come from electroplating and acid washing, and it has big toxicity. For the treatment, we can use the chemicals to flocculate, so that the solids will be flocculated to be big particles. Then we can use the wastewater filter press to dewater. So the pollution will be form the filter cakes, and the filtrate will became clean and can be recycled.

To endure the corrosion, we normally recommend PP filter cloth. This type of filter press cloth not only has good strength, but also has best chemical stability. Especially, for some higher requirement, our MONO filter clothes are optional choice. Pls contact us for filter press price and filter cloth price.

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