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Filter Press For Bangladesh Customer
May 23, 2017

Filter presses are very welcomed for sludge dewatering, because has a very good filtering effect and lowest running cost. Recently our Bangladesh customer placed an order to us. Pls check the following pictures.

Filter Press Order.jpg

This customer is for printing and dyeing wastewater. Re such wastewater, the solids are mainly fibers and their solid content is very low. In the industry, normally our membrane filter press can has a best filtering performance. 

Membrane Filter Plate.jpg

In fact, filter press includes many types on base of different natures. How to recommended the best plate frame filter press to customer? This is depend on various factors, such as: what material, capacity, solid content etc...As a professional filter press manufacturer, pls contact us to get more info.

Filter Cake.jpg

By the way, pls NOTE: To ensure your safety, before every payment, besides email communication, pls confirm with us bank info via what's APP: +86-189 3911 0377 or other online methods. Thanks.