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Working Principle Of Filter Press
Apr 25, 2017

The composition of hydraulic pressure pressing mechanism of filter press is composed of hydraulic station, oil cylinder, piston, piston rod and piston rod and pressing plate HAVLAN card hydraulic station structure is connected with motor, oil pump, overflow valve (regulating pressure) reversing valve, pressure gauge, circuit, tank.

Filtration mode: The way filtrate outflow clear flow through filtration and undercurrent filtration. The clear flow filtration, each filter plate below the liquid hole mounted with water Tsui, the filtrate directly from the water Tsui outflow. Underflow filter, each filter plate is provided below the liquid passage hole, a number of block filter plate out of the liquid hole into a liquid channel, by the thrust plate under the flow of the liquid hole connected pipeline discharge.

Washing method: Filter cake needs washing, sometimes flow one-way washing and two-way washing, undercurrent of one-way washing and two-way washing.