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Pure PP Material For Filter Plate.jpg

Heat Fusing Machine.jpg

Pure PP particles ensures filter press plates serve

longer and get better filtering performance. 

Heat Fusing Machine. PP particles are fused under

high temperature.

Press Mchine.jpg

Heat Welding Machine (2).jpg

3.Press Machine. Big pressure machines ensure

best filter plate strength. 

4.Heat Welding Machine. This used to combine the

three layers of membrane filter plate together.

Filter Plate Press Machine.jpg

Milling Machine.jpg

5.Filter plates will be formed by cooling down and

press machine make plates no deformation.

6.Filter plate will be milled by CNC milling machine

to get the best flatness.

Filter Plate Manufacturer.jpg

1.Metal Cutting.jpg

7.Before delivery, the filter press plates will open

the technical holes and handles.

8.Steel plates are cut by CNC cutting machine with

high precision.



9.Steel parts will be weleded together by carbon

dioxide arc welding.

10.The steel parts are drilled by vertical boiling 

machine for the next step.



11.The filter head metal plate and tail metal plate are

milled to ensure surface is smooth.

12.The metal parts are processed by sand blasting 

machine and the priming paint.

6.Istallation and Polish.JPG


13.Manually polish the welding surface the get the

best welding performance. 

14.After the frame is installed, it will be puttied.

8.Preliminary Painting.jpg

9.Final Painting.JPG

15.The filter press will be tested to ensure every

movable part can work smoothly.

16.Addtionally two layer color paint (epoxy paint)

not only looks better, but resist corossion.