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Filter Press Industrial Applications

  • Compact Manual Hydraulic Design Recessed Chamber Filter Press

    Compact Manual Hydraulic Design Recessed Chamber Filter Press1.Manual hydraulic squeeze plates.
    2.Better sealing performance than manual jack filter presses.
    3.Easy to operation and maintain.
    4.Low running cost.
    5.Small dimension.
    6.Used as test machine.

  • Mechanical Filter Press

    Mechanical Filter Press1.Closed by mechanical force (motor/gear/srcew).
    2.Over-heating and overload protection.
    3.Manual cake discharging.
    4.Various filter press plates for choice.
    5.Suitable for 15 to 120 m2 filtering area.

  • Manual Jack Filter Press

    Manual Jack Filter PressThe manual filter press is a small filter press . It normally is suitable for the 1-40m2 filter area filter press machine, and adopts "jack" as closing device. This filter press structure is very simple design. But it has many advantages: no power consumption, easy operation and high...